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Below are items currently being sold by the Michigan Bluebird Society.  All proceeds (after our product costs) go to help education efforts by the MBS as well as bluebird conservation in the state of Michigan.

  **NOTE** Our shipping prices are for MICHIGAN, INDIANA, AND OHIO shipping destinations only.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for shipping costs before ordering, if the order is shipping to any other state. 

You will note there are two prices - Member and Non-Member.  One of the benefits of being a member of MBS is savings on useful bluebird-related products.  If you're not a member but would like to get the Member's Price on an item, just send (along with your order) a new membership form and extra $ amount for a 1 year, 3 year, or lifetime membership.  OR, you can sign up on our Join MBS page before placing your order.  (We will verify membership status for all orders placed under member pricing before processing)

1.  MBS Hat

mbs hatOne of our most popular items.  This attractive hat is a low-rise design that is popular today with almost everyone.  The logo is embroidered on the hat.  It comes in one color - Khaki and is adjustable to fit all head sizes.   

Non-Member's Price:  $15.00

Member's Price:   $13.50

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2.  Cedar Bluebird Nesting Box Kit






This well-designed and built kit comes from MBS lifetime member Gene Wasserman and his company Woodcraft Kits.  Each house kit comes completely cut, sanded, drilled, and ready to assemble with nothing but a hammer.  All the hardware and detailed instructions for assembly are included.  It is made from Cedar, which is the best exterior wood to use in birdhouse construction due to its high resistance to rot and insects.  This kit is a great project for both adults and kids (supervised of course).  The two photos above show the assembled nesting box.  NOTE:  Pole mounting hardware is not included.  Comes ready to mount to 1/2" electrical conduit or an existing bracket.

Other Features

• 1 1/2" entry hole allows bluebirds and tree swallows to enter

• Rough cedar exterior and entry grooves make perching and entry easier for the birds

• Interior groves on the house front to help nestlings leave the box

• Generous roof overhang to help keep the rain out

• Grooves under the roof and recessed floor reduce water seeping into box

• Bluebird and monitoring information included, as well as a card for recording nesting data

Non-Member's Price:     $30.00

Member's Price:     $27.00

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3.  Gilbertson PVC Bluebird Box

gilbertsonboxWidely considered to be the most sparrow-resistant bluebird nesting box on the market, this box is made in Indiana for MBS by Amish craftsmen.  The Gilbertson PVC box is also one of the most field-tested and proven bluebird houses available.  The house's shallow depth and PVC body seem to be less attractive to sparrows, while making it light and easy to mount on almost any type of pole.  The house body detaches easily from the roof for nest checks or cleaning out.  Also, the cedar roof is pre-drilled to receive a 1/2" conduit mounting pole (not included).  Comes complete with instructions on how to mount the box with 1/2" conduit and rebar.  




Non-Member's Price:     $27.00

Member's Price:     $24.00 

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4.  Universal Sparrow Trap

boxtrapsetboxtrapsprungThis easy-to-use and highly effective in-house sparrow trap is made by co-founding MBS member Don Smith.  This trap will fit most bluebird nesting box designs - as long as the inside surface of the house front is flat and at least 3" in width.  (For Gilbertson PVC houses, see below)  It is easy to install and remove from the nest box once the two provided wood screws are installed on the inside of the front of the box.  The trap is set by holding down the spring-loaded door until it catches on the holding spur.  (See left picture) Once a sparrow alights on the perch platform, the door springs up to block the way out of the box (right picture).  The bright orange dot is visible from a distance, telling you that a bird is in the trap.  Then, the sparrow can be removed by placing a garbage bag over the entire house, bounding it tightly around the pole, and opening the box slowly.   Made of steel with rust-resistant paint and includes instructions, hardware. 

**IMPORTANT** - NEVER leave this trap unattended for long periods of time as it may also trap native, cavity nesting birds like bluebirds, tree swallows, or chickadees.  Birds can get stressed and dehydrated quickly inside a box they can't escape from. 

Non-Member's Price:     $13.50

Member's Price:     $12.50 

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5.  In-Box Trap for Gilbertson Box

GilbertsonTrapNewIf you have a Gilbertson PVC nest box and need to trap house sparrows, this is the trap for you.  It works basically the same as our Universal Sparrow Trap, but is narrower to fit the curved surface of the box.  No screws are needed for installation. It just rests on the lower rim of the entrance hole,  so the only thing which shows is a small black metal overhang.  (See photo)   When the sparrow enters and lands on the trip perch, the rectangular metal door flips up and blocks the way out.  A red dote will alert you that a bird has been trapped inside.  (See photo)  When the sparrow is trapped in the box, remove it by placing a transparent garbage bag over the entire nesting box cinched on the pole below the box.  Carefully remove the Gilbertson lower portion of the box so the sparrow exits into the bag.

  **IMPORTANT** - NEVER leave this trap unattended for long periods of time as it may also trap native, cavity nesting birds like bluebirds, tree swallows, or chickadees.  Birds can get stressed and dehydrated quickly inside a box they can't escape from. 



Non-Member's Price:     $13.50

Member's Price:     $12.50

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6.  Bluebird Nesting Area Sign

nestingsignHave a bluebird trail where there are a lot of people walking by (like a golf course, commercial office park, or city/county park)?  This sign may be just what you need to let people know to stay away from and not disturb nesting bluebirds.  This sign was made by a professional sign shop for MBS and is made of sturdy laminated aluminum.  It will hold up for years outside.  There are two pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom for mounting on a wood or metal pole. 





Non-Member's Price:     $27.00

Member's Price:     $24.00

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7.  MBS Denim Shirt

mbs shirtmbslongdenimThe first item MBS ever sold and still very popular.  This attractive medium blue shirt features an embroidered MBS logo above the pocket, button down collars, and durable denim material.  It comes in either short sleeve or long sleeve, but both are the same price.  The sizes we normally stock are M, L, XL.  However, if you would like a small or say, 2X, send us an email and we can try to get it for you. 

NOTE:  Specific sizes are sometimes out of stock.  We will notify you if this is the case and the expected time to get back in. 

 Long Sleeve Non-Member's Price:    $34.00

Long Sleeve Member's Price: $31.00


Short Sleeve Non-Member's Price:      $32.00

Short Sleeve Member's Price: $29.00

Choose One:

8.  Enjoying Bluebirds More book

enjoying-bluebirds-more lrgThis very popular and inexpensive book comes from Bird Watcher's Digest and was written by Julie Zickefoose.  It covers a wide range of topics including nest box design, location, monitoring, troubleshooting, and helping injured/sick bluebirds.  There is also a section on planting for bluebirds.  Color photos.  32 pgs. 

 Non-Member's Price:     $ 4.50

Member's Price:      $4.00

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  9.  Guide To Bird Homes book

guide-bird-homes lrgThis is an introductory guide on how to attract the different species of cavity nesting birds to nesting boxes.  It includes a lot of basic information about the habitat, size of box, and mounting location for species such as chickadees, woodpeckers, bluebirds, purple martins, screech owls, wood ducks, wrens, and kestrels.  Written by backyard birding expert Scott Shalaway and published by Bird Watcher's Digest.  Color photos.  33 pgs. 






Non-Member's Price:     $ 4.50

Member's Price:     $ 4.00

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 10.  Michigan Bluebird Society Mug

100 2580mbs mug sideThis beautiful mug will enable you to proudly show off your membership in the Michigan Bluebird Society at the office or at home.  It has a hefty 15 oz. capacity and is dishwasher-safe.  The Michigan Bluebird Society name is on front and back and the design goes wraps all the way around the mug.  Makes a great gift.  Made in the U.S.A.




Non-Member's Price:     $10.00

Member's Price:     $ 8.50

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 11.  Proud Bluebird Landlord Mug

100 2582 100 2583

Let others know you're a Proud Bluebird Landlord with this beautiful mug.  It has a hefty 15 oz. capacity and is dishwasher-safe.  "Proud Bluebird Landlord" is on front and back and the design goes wraps all the way around the mug.  Makes a great gift.  Made in the U.S.A.



Non-Member's Price:     $10.00

Member's Price:     $ 8.50 

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12.  Cedar Bluebird Feeder

Cedar Bluebird FeederThis high quality cedar feeder is designed to feed meal worms, but can be used to feed other suet/meal mixtures as well.  The entrance holes on the end and vertical "bars" help exclude larger birds like starlings, blue jays, and robins.  Initally the Bluebirds may need the sides open, until they feel comfortable entering the feeder.  The plastic panels can be removed by holding the top and slightly bending the panels outward. The dowels can be removed by pushing them up and out.  Once the Bluebirds are using the feeder, replace the dowels to keep larger birds from consuming the meal worms. They can enter the feeder through the 1.5" holes on the ends or the 1.5" spaces between the dowels. The plastic panels can be replaced for additional protection and from wind, rain and snow.  This feeder is made by MBS lifetime member Gene Wasserman through his Woodcraft Kits company.  The feeder has a hinged roof for easy filling and comes with a washable ceramic dish to put the meal worms or other food into.  It can be post mounted or hung.  The feeder comes with a hanging cord as well as several pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the feeder, so you can mount it to a deck rail or attach a metal flange for mounting on a pole. 


Non-Member's Price:     $44.00

Member's Price:     $40.00

Choose One:

For Orders Outside of MI, OH or IN, click here before ordering


 13.  Sparrow Shield

 SparrowShieldThe Sparrow Shield is designed to be a passive deterrent to keep house sparrows from claiming a nest box.  The metal ring has 4 weighted monofilament lines which hang down around and in front of the entrance hole.  Bluebirds and Tree Swallows  don't mind flying between the lines, but sparrows dislike it.  To be effective, the Guard MUST be installed on the nest box BEFORE sparrows claim the box.  This device has proven to be effective most of the time, but occasionally very persistent sparrows will thwart it.  The Sparrow Guard comes with a cedar mounting bracket and 2 screws that will fit on almost all bluebird house designs.  It also comes with instructions. (Nest box not included)

Note:  The Sparrow Shield is designed and built by MBS member Gene Wasserman and his company Woodcraft Kits. 



Non-Member's Price:     $  22.00

Member's Price:     $ 20.00

Choose one:


 14.  Sparrow Chaser


The Sparrow Chaser is an easier-to-mount, pre-made version of the well-known Sparrow Spooker. The Chaser is designed to discourage house sparrows from entering a box in which the bluebirds or tree swallows already have a nest with either eggs or young. If you mount it before then, it may scare away the bluebirds. The Chaser has an easy to mount cedar bracket, which attahces easily to almost any bluebird box (screws included). It also comes with complete instructions. NOTE: The Chaser works most of the time, but sometimes persistent house sparrows will still enter the box. In this case, more aggressive actions may be needed to deter them such as trapping or removing the nest box from the habitat.  The Sparrow Chaser is designed and made by MBS member Gene Wassernan and his company Woodcraft Kits.  

Non-Member Price:  $17.00

Member Price:   $15.00

Choose one:


 15.  Audubon Birdhouse Book

Building, Placing, and Maintaining Great Homes For Great Birds.  This brand new book is arguably the most complete and most accurate one on bird houses written to date.  It covers all North American cavity nesting birds species that will nest in bird houses and how to attract them.  There are excellent color photo's, diagram, and easy-to-build designs for all bird species.  Best of all, the book was written with input from MBS members and bluebird experts Tom Comfort, Steve Gilbertson, and Dick Tuttle.





Non-Member Price:  $22.99

Member Price:   $19.99

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16.  MBS Gift Certificates

Need a gift for a bluebird lover?  How about an MBS Gift Certificate?   You can purchase a gift certificate in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $40, $50, $75, $100 and even more.  They can be directly emailed to a recipient or printed off and handed to them by you.  There is no time limit on when they need to be redeemed, nor do they accrue maintenance fees or lose value over time.  Gift certificates can be redeemed partially or in full, and remaining balances can be used on future purchases.

Just click on the Buy Gift Certificate button below and follow the directions.   You can pay for the certificate with your Paypal account OR with a credit card.  But, you don’t need to have a Paypal account to make a purchase.  Please note that gift certificates are not refundable or redeemable for cash. 


1.  Select the item(s) you want to buy by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.   Make sure to first select whether you are an MBS member or not using the drop down menu.  You will be taken to the secure Paypal checkout page.

2.  If you want more than one item, change the quantity field to the correct number.

3.  Enter your zip code in the box that says "Estimate shipping and Tax" and click on "Calculate".  (Note:  you will need to do this again if you go back and add more items to your cart).  Also, there is no sales tax on this purchase.

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5.  Fill out all your information including the address you want the order shipped to.  Click on Continue to complete your order.

6.  You will be sent a confirmation email which will include any information about your order and an estimated ship date. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or an order you have placed, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE:  The above prices are subject to change at any time.  Also, to get Member Prices, we will verify membership prior to shipping.  We will hold any orders  with insufficient funds sent due to non-membership or to states other than MI, OH, and IN.  In this case, you may elect to either have us refund your payment, OR send out your order when membership dues are received, OR send us additional funds to cover the difference in prices or for shipping.   Further, MBS reserves the right to cancel and refund in full any order for any reason including, but not limited to the above reasons, or if the order is believed to be fraudulently placed, or if an order is of unusual size, or if item(s) are not in stock.  In the case of an order being cancelled/refunded, the customer will be notified via email. 


MBS stands behind all products we ship to you.  All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that items are in perfect, new condition when shipped.  However, if an item arrives damaged or is defective in some way, MBS will replace it at our cost or send parts to make the product whole again, at the customer's preference.   Please note that wooden products like nesting boxes as a rule all have minor variations (color, knots, tiny cracks, etc.) that don't affect the function of the house and are beyond the control of MBS.  Any other returns can be accepted and refunded if the item(s) are shipped back to MBS at the customer's expense. 

 Thank you for your support of the Michigan Bluebird Society!

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To improve the nesting success of the Eastern Bluebird & other native cavity-nesting birds in the state of Michigan through education of our members and the general public, as well as promoting active nest box management and habitat improvement.


 Proceeds go to help bluebird conservation.


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