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Below are items currently offered by the Michigan Bluebird Society to both MBS members and non-members.  All proceeds (after our product costs) go to help education efforts by the MBS as well as bluebird conservation in the state of Michigan. The MBS will also be offering additional items such as nest boxes, feeders, and accessories to MEMBERS ONLY during two 3 week periods each year.  These sales will be announced in our member newsletter.  For membership information and how to join, go to:  www.michiganbluebirds.org/about/join-mbs.   Note that you will also be able to purchase all products we offer at our live events

Items in our store have been divided into the following categories.  Click on a category below to go directly to the category with items you are looking for, or just browse.  We are sure to have something that you need!





  Stokes Bluebirds Book


This is one of the classic How-To books on attracting bluebirds, written by two of the foremost experts on backyard birds in America - Don and Lillian Stokes.  The book covers every topic related to bluebirds including their history in America, life cycle and biology, feeding, nesting boxes, and gardening for bluebirds.  It's written and organized in a simple to follow style without overwhelming readers with too much information.  95 pages with many color photos and diagrams.  Highly recommended for Bluebird lovers. 



Non-Member's Price:    $ 17.00

Member's Price:      $15.00

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 Guide To Bird Homes Book

guide-bird-homes lrg


This is an introductory guide on how to attract the different species of cavity nesting birds to nesting boxes.  It includes a lot of basic information about the habitat, size of box, and mounting location for species such as chickadees, woodpeckers, bluebirds, purple martins, screech owls, wood ducks, wrens, and kestrels.  Written by backyard birding expert Scott Shalaway and published by Bird Watcher's Digest.  The book is 33 pages and has color photos.



 Non-Member's Price:   $ 4.50

Member's Price:     $ 4.00

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Audubon Birdhouse Book

birdhouse book


Building, Placing, and Maintaining Great Homes For Great Birds.  This book is arguably the most complete and accurate one on bird houses written to date.  It covers all North American cavity nesting bird species that will nest in bird houses and how to attract them.  There are excellent color photo's, diagrams, and easy-to-build designs for all bird species.  Best of all, the book was written with input from MBS members and bluebird experts Tom Comfort, Steve Gilbertson, and Dick Tuttle.



Non-Member Price:  $23.00

Member Price:    $20.00

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MBS Hat Dark blueMBS Hat Llight blueMBS Hat Pink

This hat has a new, simpler version of our MBS logo embroidered on 3 exciting new colors.  The 6 panel, 100% cotton hat comes with an adjustable strap in the back so it will fit any head size.  Like the Khaki hat, it is hand-washable.  Available in dark blue, light blue or pink.

Non-Member's Price:   $17.00

Member's Price:     $15.00


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Proud Bluebird Landlord T-Shirt

When you walk around town let others know that you are proud to be a Bluebird landlord!  Wear this comfortable 100% cotton t-shirt with screen printed artwork which says Proud Bluebird Landlord above a nest box with a Bluebird sitting on it.. Under the nest box is the MBS website address.  Available in Tan and Forest Green in Sizes M, L and XL.      Available in Cobalt Blue in Sizes L and XL

MBS T Shirt tanMBS T shirt CobaltMBS TShirt ForestGreen

Non-Member's Price:   $18.00

Member's Price:     $16.00

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The first item which MBS ever sold and it is still very popular.  This attractive medium blue shirt features an embroidered MBS logo above the pocket, button down collars, and durable denim material.  It comes in either short sleeve or long sleeve, but both are the same price.  The sizes we normally stock are M, L, XL and sizes do run a little large.  If you need a small or say, a 2X, please send us an email and we can try to get it for you. We do also have a limited supply of ladies cut long sleeved shirts. If you would be interested in one of these slimmer cut shirts, please send us an email.

NOTE:  Specific sizes are sometimes out of stock.  We will notify you if this is the case and the expected time to get back in. 


Long Sleeve Non-Member's Price:  $33.00

Long Sleeve Member's Price:  $30.00

Short Sleeve Non-Member's Price:  $33.00

Short Sleeve Member's Price: $30.00

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Have a bluebird trail where there are a lot of people walking by (like a golf course, commercial office park, or city/county park)?  This sign may be just what you need to let people know to stay away from and not disturb nesting bluebirds.  This sign was made by a professional sign shop for MBS and is made of sturdy laminated aluminum.  It will hold up for years outside.  There are two pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom for mounting on a wood or metal pole.





Non-Member's Price:  $27.00

Member's Price:     $24.00

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Help Bluebirds Car License Plate 


Show others around town that you care about Bluebird conservation with this eye-catching, decorative license plate for the front of your vehicle. It is made from metal, so it will last longer. Standard sized holes fit the screw locations on all vehicle types. 




Non-Member's Price:  $13.00

Member's Price:     $12.00
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Michigan Bluebird Society Mug

100 2580 mbs mug sideThis beautiful mug will enable you to proudly show off your membership in the Michigan Bluebird Society at the office or at home.  It has a hefty 15 ounce capacity and is dishwasher-safe.  The Michigan Bluebird Society name is on the front and back and the design wraps all the way around the mug.  Makes a great gift!  Made in the U.S.A.



Non-Member's Price:  $11.00

Member's Price:     $ 10.00

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 Proud Bluebird Landlord Mug

Proud Bluebird Landlord Mug1 What a beautiful mug for you to use to show off that you are a proud Bluebird landlord!  Great for the office or at home.  It has a hefty 15 ounce capacity and is dishwasher-safe.  The front and back of the mug both show a nest box with a beautiful pair of Bluebirds on it. Also makes a great gift!  Made in the U.S.A.



Non-Member's Price:  $11.00

Member's Price:     $ 10.00

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