The Secret Lives of Bluebirds - Thinking Inside the Box

 DVDCoverAfter nearly five years of filming and editing the Michigan Bluebird Society is thrilled to announce that The Secret Lives of Bluebirds: Thinking Inside the Box video is ready for distribution!  MBS partnered with renowned wildlife photographer Charles St. Charles to create this spectacular video highlighting the life cycle of the Eastern Bluebird.  It introduces you to these birds as they live their lives on our properties – finding mates, building nests, laying and hatching eggs, and raising their young. We hope it will inspire you to take an active role in your yard, neighborhood, and community to help Eastern Bluebirds survive and thrive.

At this time, the forty minute video is only available in DVD format.  Other distribution options like streaming and USB will soon be available.. The DVD comes in a plastic jewel case with an attractive cover and an amazing pciture of a bluebird in flight on the dvd itself. 

At thiis price you’ll want to buy more than one!  Think of the great gift you can give a family member or friend to introduce him/her to the joys of blue birding.

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